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schools need to offer degrees in social media so that we can all feel better about how much time we’ve wasted on this website

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forever reblog

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The girl you just called hot? That me

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reblog if your name isn’t esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez






2,121,566 people are not esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez and counting!

We’ll find you esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez.

This post is scandalous.

reblogging because esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez cant. 

If you scroll past this I am going to assume your name is esteban julio ricardo dela rosa ramirez.

I couldn’t not reblog…

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Buried under a Bridge in Paris: The Misfit Mausoleums of Montmartre

Cemetière de Montmartre is a very particular sort of misfit in the Parisian urban landscape. The clunky industrial blue iron bridge and the intricately carved stone mausoleums from another era are like mismatched puzzle pieces trying to fit together in this evolving city. But of course, the cemetery was here first, dating all the way back to the French revolution when it was first used as a makeshift mass grave.

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Ouija boards are not a fucking game

I once did a ouija board with someone before at Mountainview cemetery in Vancouver trying to contact GHOSTS after we saw one (a ouija, not a ghost lol) at a Toys R Us. We had a case of newcastles and got right into the boozing and contacting. A bunch of korean war vet ghosts buried there immediately told us to fuck off and refused to continue with the ouija bullshit so the eyepiece just didnt move after that for several questions or so after, as if they were angrily ignoring us for disturbing them lol
After a little while, we got in contact with two other spirits that I found were specifically hovering around me. One was a female spirit with a bizarre wacky name who thought I was cute and the other was a little boy from the 19th century. We asked if the boy was buried in the cemetery. The boy said no. We asked where he was from. The little boy was from europe. Confused, we wondered if the boy was an immigrant from europe living in vancouver who died and was buried at the cemetery. No, the ouija stated. The boy never lived or visited Vancouver during his life. Where did this spirit come from and how did he find us? The spirit stated he had been following me specifically for years already. More confusion. This ghost was from Europe but has been in vancouver following me for a while already but never once been here?
I distinctly remember the chill that went up my spine when I suddenly remembered that in 2006 I went on a high school trip to Italy. I asked if hes from Italy. The ouija glides to “yes”Is that where you saw me?"yes"The wandering boy spirit saw me during my high school trip and decided to follow me ever since.We packed up the ouija board and left.

you got a cute lil italian ghosty boy following you around and keepin you outta trouble because e saw you and liked you you have been blessed with a nice ghostie that is amazing
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Rolled Cuffs Black Blazer is a MUST have item in your wardrobe! Get it while on 38% OFF, don’t miss this rare chance!!!
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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

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Stole a Bowler Hat ;) clearly I should own a lot more hats
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do you ever see spoilers for a show you don’t watch anymore and just 


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